Catching the bus

Catching the bus is easy, and a great value, convenient and sociable way to get around.  But if you are new to bus travel, or just new to the area, you might have questions to ask.  We are here to help.

You will find the latest timetables and route maps for all of our services on this website, just click on Bus Services.  Fares for singles and returns are available for all services and to find out more about day, week and monthly tickets click here. But if you need finding your way around, please don't hesittae to get in touch, by phone or email, and we can provide all the information you need, including money saving tips or ideas for days out!

Please try to get to the bus stop in good time, about 3-5 minutes before your bus is due.  In towns or at bus stations you will need to check that you are waiting at the correct stop.  If no buses are specifically listed on the bus stop plate this means that almost all buses will stop there. And don't forget to ensure you are standing on the correct side of the road for the direction you wish to travel.

Buses display their destination and service number at the front of the bus.           

When you see your bus approaching please let the driver know that you want to get on by signalling by stretching out your arm clearly. The bus may not stop unless you do this. In some rural areas or within certain housing estates there are no formal bus stops and buses will stop at any safe point. Just let the driver know that you want to get on by stretching out your arm. This is known as "hail & ride".    

Our drivers have a great reputation for their welcome and helpfulness. All of our buses can kneel down to help you get on, so ask if you need assistance. Our buses are all accessible for customers with a disability, and that is also good news for you if you have luggage or young children.

Tickets and Fares

Please tell the driver your destination and the type of fare you want.  You can buy a single, return or weekly ticket on the bus.  If you already have a pass you will need to show it, and the ticket machine will automatically validate smart cards - just place your card on the reader.

We do give change, but please tender the exact fare whenever possible - it speeds things up.  If we run out of change, we will give you a change voucher instead, which you can redeem from another driver or use to pay for travel later.  And please remember to take the ticket issued to you, and keep it with you.

You can buy tickets in advance of your journey by clicking here. Alternatively you can download our free app- just search for Grant Palmer in the App Store or Google Play. 

Enjoy your journey
All our buses have a CCTV system fitted for safety and security.

When it's time to get off, please let the driver know in good time - ring the bell. We can only let you alight at designated bus stops (unless your bus is a hail & ride).

If you need any help as to the best place to alight, or where to wait for the bus home, please ask the driver, but try no to distract him whilst the bus is moving.  And take care when leaving the bus, checking that you have all your belongings with you.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details here