Mobility Scooters

Grant Palmer Ltd operates a variety of buses, from small single deck buses to 90 seat double deckers. To ensure that your mobility scooter is suitable for our buses we require customers travelling with their mobility scooter to have a valid permit. The permit is used to assure drivers that the scooter has been approved for: safety, weight, maneuverability.

We administer and issue our own mobility scooter permits, but we accept passes issued by CPT too. To apply for a pass please click here

To apply for a permit your scooter must satisfy the following criteria;

  • It must be a Class 2 rather than a Class 3 vehicle (Class 2 scooters are lightweight and designed for pavement use, while Class 3 scooters are bulkier and designed to go on the road)
  • It must be no more than 600mm wide and 1000mm long
  • It must have a turning radius of no more than 1200mm
  • When you're on it, not exceed the safe working load of the ramp used to board the bus (normally 300kg)


More information can be found here: CPT Code for the use and acceptance of Mobility Scooters on low floor buses.

Please note that, as per our terms and conditions, electric wheelchairs do not require a permit.