We welcome all customers to enjoy their journey with Grant Palmer regardless of their physical abilities. All of our buses are low floor and wheelchair accessible and our buses can kneel and raise to come close to the kerb. 

Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

All standard wheelchairs are accepted on our buses. Wheelchair users should expect priority for the wheelchair bay over buggies and other customers. Please ask the driver to instruct passengers to vacate the space if required. Both wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs can be used without permit, but mobility scooters require a permit to be presented to the driver as you board. 

We have a variety of bus types which come in various shapes and sizes which makes it difficult to know if specific mobility scooters are suitable for specific vehicles. For this reason, customers wishing to travel with their mobility scooter on our buses must have a permit. Permits can be aquired from participating local operators. The permit is used to assure drivers that the scooter has been approved for: safety, weight, maneuverability, etc.

To apply for a permit your scooter must satisfy the following criteria;

  • It must be a Class 2 rather than a Class 3 vehicle (Class 2 scooters are lightweight and designed for pavement use, while Class 3 scooters are bulkier and designed to go on the road)
  • It must be no more than 600mm wide and 1000mm long
  • It must have a turning radius of no more than 1200mm
  • When you're on it, not exceed the safe working load of the ramp used to board the bus (normally 300kg)

More information can be found here:

Dementia and memory loss

We provide our drivers with full acceditated training on disabilities including dementia and memory loss. Our half day course involves interactive training sessions one on one with approved trainers. We're proud to routinely deliver CPC training which helps our drivers assist customers with dementia and memory loss. Many of our drivers have enrolled on the dementia friends project with more joining all the time. 


We recognise customers with autism may need additional support when travelling. Our driver training package ensures we meet these needs. If you or someone you know requires additional information prior to their journey please get in touch, we would be happy to facilitate travel training. Additionally, we have worked with Autism Bedfordshire to develop a guide to bus travel