Corporate Contract Hire

We are a local bus company and specialise in providing local and contract bus services; we don't do adhoc coach hire.  But if you have a regular travel requirement for your business we can help, with an excellent track record of providing contract bus services for local business and organisations.  Current customers include Centerparcs at Woburn Forest.

We can also work closely with developers, looking to meet the transport needs of residential or industrial developments.

To discuss your transport requirements, please contact Dave Shelley - or telephone 01525 719 719

Education Transport

Providing dependable transport for students and young people to get to school, college or university has become increasingly important, as our children travel further than ever before to get the education they want and deserve.

We work closely with University of Bedfordshire to provide bespoke services for their staff and students, aiming to provide a comprehensive and secure service. We also provide dedicated transport for hundreds of children to safely reach schools across north Bedfordshire.  And thousands of people use our public buses each day to reach school, college or university.

To discuss your transport requirements please contact Dave Shelley - or telephone 01525 719 719